Development Economics - Applied

The big picture questions that generations of development economists thought about, but lacked the tractable models, the rich microdata and the computing power to test at scale: this course provides an incomplete tour of recent frontier research in development economics. It combines reduced-form causal evidence with structural models and estimation to address 'old school' big picture questions of economic growth and development.


  • Economic growth and structural transformation

  • Poverty traps and policy scale-up

  • Infrastructure and spatial development

  • Energy access and the electrification puzzle

  • Climate change, environment and development


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Who is the Course for? 

The target audience for this course is Graduate Students completing a PhD or MPhil in Economics, and professionals working in central banks and international institutions in research. For a definitive ranking of the mathematical and theoretical skills needed for this course, please view the brochure. 


Choose to follow the Applied Pathway to deepen your knowledge of Applied Economy with courses in Political Economics (morning session) and Development Economics/The Economics of Digital Economy (afternoon session). Or mix and match, choosing different morning or afternoon sessions from our other pathways: Econometrics or Macroeconomics.