Fundamentals of Graduate Economics

Are you considering a graduate programme in Economics, but feeling uncertain about your foundational maths and quantitative skills? Would you like a letter of recommendation from an Oxford University Economics Professor? 

Our Fundamentals of Graduate Economics Summer School will equip you with the fundamental tools you need to succeed. In just one week, our expert Oxford faculty will guide you through key concepts and techniques that form the backbone of many graduate-level courses in Economics.

But that's not all – we'll also supplement our course content with engaging lectures and career insights from economists working across a range of fields, both within academia but also in industry and civil service. You'll have the opportunity to hear from experienced economists and learn about the diverse paths you can take in this exciting field. Join us in Oxford for a unique and enriching experience. On successful completion of the programme, you will receive a letter of recommendation from one of our Professors as well as a PDF and printed version of a certificate of completion. By the end of the course, you'll have a strong foundation in the essential skills of mathematics and econometrics, and the confidence to take the next step in your career. Don't miss this chance to explore the world of Economics with some of the brightest minds in the field!

TOPICS COVERED - Introduction to Mathematical Methods:

Objective: This course will introduce students to elements of mathematical analysis and of probability theory with a special emphasis on methods that are important in economics.

  • Structure: Divided into mathematical analysis and probability theory sections.
  • Mathematical Analysis Topics: Logic, proofs, sets, relations, functions, sequences and limits, continuity, and differentiability. Emphasis on understanding key results and their application to economic questions, with examples from decision theory and game theory.
  • Probability Theory Topics: Probability axioms, independence, conditional probability, Bayes’ rule, discrete and continuous distributions, expectations, moments, correlation, law of large numbers, and central limit theorem. Examples cover decisions under risk and risk mitigation.

TOPICS COVERED - Introduction to Econometrics:

Objective: To introduce students to two of the fundamental statistical methods used in applied economic research: regression analysis and instrumental variables.

  • Statistical Inference Introduction: Learn about economic theories from data. Introduction to hypothesis testing, confidence intervals, and uncertainty measurement.
  • Linear Regression Introduction: Understand causal effects in observational data. Utilize linear regression for disentangling multiple influencing factors.
  • More on Regression: Inference and Nonlinearities: Enhance precision in regression estimates through inference methods. Extend the model to account for nonlinear relationships. Application example: University and degree choices' impact on mid-career earnings.
  • Dealing with Endogeneity: Address limits and challenges of linear regression in estimating causal effects. Discuss issues like unobserved factors and reverse causation (endogeneity).
  • Solutions using randomized control trials. Application example: Effect of class size on test scores.
  • Introduction to Instrumental Variables: Explore instrumental variables as an alternative method for estimating causal effects when regression may fail. Application example: Returns to schooling.

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Course delivery

The Summer School will be held in person, in the Department of Economics, Oxford. Lectures will be held in the morning and there will be tutorials in the afternoon. 



Who can attend:

The course is aimed at undergraduate students with a maths A-level who are considering a graduate programme in Economics.


The course fees do not include accommodation, however, please contact for help and assistance. We are able to help you book hotel accommodation, college accommodation and homestays. Please get in touch if you have any questions!